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News Archive > General > Surprise in store for villagers

Surprise in store for villagers

By Matt Dixon 17th February 2021

Surprise in store for villagers
Victoria and Holly Packer dreamt up the idea of the Chacewater Bear Hunt to entertain fellow villagers

If you go down to Chacewater today, you’ll be sure of a big surprise. Popping up in various different places around the village in recent weeks has been a collection of multi-coloured bears.

The Chacewater Bear Hunt was the idea of Vicky Packer and her 10 year-old daughter Holly. Vicky said: “We were sat there laughing about how funny it would be if everything had goggly eyes - everything can be cheered up with goggly eyes. “Holly then suggested that we create some bears and we came up with the idea to place them around the village to give families something fun to find during lockdown.”

There are now 26 bears dotted around the area, each for a different letter of the alphabet, including Amelia, Beatrice and Doris. "It's something for people to talk about when they're out for a walk. It's easy to think 'we can't be bothered' to go out but hopefully this will give everyone a reason to get some exercise," Vicky added.

Children will receive a certificate if they find 10 bears whilst out and about on a variety of routes - some of which are longer than others. The farthest points are at Wheal Busy and Penstraze but there are shorter walks for smaller children.

There are also some gold and silver bears which take the total number up to 32. They are named after mines such as Geevor and Botallack. A certificate will be issued if they are found too.

"We went online and found a bear template and decided to make them all different colours, We then laminated them and attached them with cable ties.

"We're going out each week to check they are still there, because we lost a few because of bad weather." On another occasion, an enthusiastic bear hunter took them down on discovering them, leading to concerns as to where they had disappeared.

Bear hunters are asked to take a picture on their phone and then email them to receive a certificate. It has proven extremely popular with locals, who have posted comments on the facebook page.

Lorna Burrows posted: "Another five bears found today. Four miles and hardly any moaning! I'm loving this bear hunt." The popularity has spurred on Vicky and Holly to prepare for an Easter trail now, with chickens for smaller children and rabbits for older ones.

By Matt Dixon 17th February 2021

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